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Which hotels are located within the 3-mile range from FLL Airport ?

There are many hotels located near the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Here are some of the most commonly visited. If you think your hotel is within 3 miles from the FLL Airport but don't see it on this list, please call our office so we can verify.

Best Western
Airport / Cruise Port

1221 West SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

Best Western
Plus Airport South

1900 Stirling Rd
Dania Beach

Cambria Suites
Airport & Cruise Port
141 SW 19TH Court
Dania Beach

Candlewood Suites
Airport / Cruise
1120 W. SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

Quality Inn
Airport / Cruise South

2520 Stirling Rd

Comfort Suites
Airport & Port

1800 S. Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale

Comfort Suites South191 SW 19th Ct.Dania Beach, Fl

Fairfield Inn
FLL Airport

2081 Griffin Rd
Dania Beach

Residence Inn FLL Airport
4801 Angler Ave
Dania Beach

Hampton Inn
FLL Airport

2500 Stirling Rd

Hampton Inn

2301 SW 12TH AVE
Fort Lauderdale

FLL Airport

1825 Griffin Rd

Sleep Inn
FLL Airport

1500 SE 5th Ave
Dania Beach

Springhill Suites
FLL Airport

151 SW 18th Ct
Dania Beach

Marriott Courtyard
FLL Airport

400 Gulfstream Way
Dania Beach

Days Inn
FLL Airport

2601 N 29th Ave

Springhill Suites
151 SW 18th Ct
Dania Beach

FLL Airport
1870 Griffin Rd
Dania Beach

FLL Airport
180 SW 18TH AVE
Dania Beach

Holiday Inn Express
1150 W State Rd 84
Fort Lauderdale

Holiday Inn Express
Airport South
205 N Federal Hwy
Dania Beach

Holiday Inn
FLL Airport
2905 Sheridan St

Homewood Suites
FLL Airport
2061 Griffin Rd
Dania Beach

Hyatt House FLL
Airport South
90 SW 18th Ave
Dania Beach

Hyatt Place
FLL Airport South
91 SW 18th Ave
Dania Beach

La Quinta Inn Hollywood
FLL Airport
2620 N 26th Ave

Motel 6
FLL Airport
1801 SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

FLL Airport
2275 SR 84, Marina Mile Blvd
Fort Lauderdale

FLL Airport
2460 W SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

Rodeway Inn
FLL Airport
2440 W. SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

Crowne Plaza
FLL Airport
455 SR 84
Fort Lauderdale

Is a reservation required for transportation in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or surrounding areas?

Yes, by Broward and Miami Dade County law, reservation is required at least 24 hours prior to the day of service. You can make your reservation online or by phone.

Do you operate every day?

Yes, QLS offers transportation in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas 7 days a week.

The scheduled FLL Airport Shuttle from/to Port of Miami only runs from Thursday thru Monday and every other Wednesday during the season.

What services does QLS Transportation offer?

We offer popular Fort Lauderdale Airport shuttle, Miami Airport shuttle, Port of Miami shuttle and Port Everglades shuttle. We also offer shuttle and PRIVATE transportation services from residences, offices and ALL AREA HOTELS to the airports, piers and other Fort Lauderdale / Miami destinations. Corporate transfers are available, as are Fort Lauderdale tour bus services to major Florida attractions. We specialize in FLL airport shuttle to and from the Port of Miami.

What does QLS Transportation charge for services?

We pride ourselves on having the lowest Fort Lauderdale transportation rates (and surrounding areas)!

Our rates change according to the number of passengers, arrival date, time and type of service needed.

We offer a very affordable scheduled Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle from/to the Port of Miami for rates as low as $10 per person. Please see our scheduled times above.

Our rates are reasonable and competitive for shuttle and private limo transportation from residences, offices and hotels to the airports, piers (Miami & Fort Lauderdale) and other area destinations.

Please request a rate quote for any service on our Miami-Fort Lauderdale Transportation quote page.

Do you provide tour bus services to tourist attractions like the Everglades or City Tours around Miami Beach ?

Yes, we offer transportation to the Park Everglades Airboat Tour, Flamingo Gardens, Sawgrass Mills Mall, Key West/Islamorada/Key Largo, Orlando/Disney/Universal Studios, and the Miami Beach Tour only for Large groups. Our tour bus services will get you there comfortably and affordably. Read more about our tour bus services in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in South Florida. Please call for a price quote.

Is it easy to use the online reservation form?

Yes, our online reservation reservation system is fast and easy. Use it to reserve our Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle, Miami Airport Shuttle, Port of Miami Shuttle, Port Everglades Shuttle and more.

Please choose:
to make a quick reservation
If you want to create an user ID and password, this option will allow you to make any change or review your order in the future.
To receive a price quote before placing your order (rate quote might take up to 24 hours).

Step 1:

Please specify the Pickup Date, Pickup TIME
VEHICLE TYPE: Please choose as follows—
REGULAR Shuttle: Shuttle service (shared ride) from/to Airport, hotels, private residences, mall or train station.
SCHEDULED Shuttle: Shuttle service (shared ride) from/to Airport - Cruise Port (most economical option).
ALL Private VAN, Stretch Limos, SUVs and towncars are considered a Private Service.

TRIP TYPE: Please choose as follows—
Point to Point: To go from Point A to Point B
Hourly: To rent the vehicle by the hour ( usually for the stretch limos )
SPECIAL REQUEST / NOTES: Please use this field to add a special request or any information you want to add to your booking.

Pass/Client Name: We don't required everyone's name, just the contact person or group leader's name
Ordered By: Name of the person who is placing the order
Pass Home Phone
Pass Mobile Phone: Please provide a cellphone # where you can be reached the same day of the service
email address


Step 2:
Please select your pickup location as follow:
Airport: Select this option If you arriving the same day of the service, you must provide flight #, departure city and arrival TIME, If you are taking the shuttle from the Airport but you are not coming on any flight ( like returning rental car, or just coming from a hotel nearby), please choose the " Address/ Building/ Landmark Option"
Address/ Building/ landmark option: if you need a pickup from any hotel, Cruise Pier, private residence, Mall, or from an Airport Location but not coming on any flight.

Please Select Your drop off location:
Airport: if you need to go any Airport ( don't worry about the flight information, we don't track the if we are dropping you off at the airport, you can choose any flight.
Address/ Building/Landmark: If you need to go to any Hotel, Cruise Line, Private Residence, Mall or any other address no listed

Do you required additional Stops at this time: Please Note, there is an additional charge for any stop and any stop must be approved by our office first.
Scheduled shuttles are not allowed to make personal Stops.

Next Trip Information: Please choose YES if you need a return service and specify the pickup Date & time for the return.


Please enter credit card information
Please check our cancellation policy


You will receive a booking # immediately, BUT your order is still pending, and awaiting for approval, you will receive two emails, the first email is just a copy of the information you have submitted (without rate); and once you order gets approved, we will send you a final email confirmation including total charges and pickup direction and instructions


  • Children under the age of 2 do not need a seat, they can sit on a parent's lap at no charge ( only for the shuttles )
  • You are allow to bring 1 large suitcase + 1 carry-on per person + 1 personal item

Where do I meet my Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle or Miami Airport Shuttle when I arrive at the Pier?

You will meet your driver at the designated Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off area at the Pier. Once you place your order with us, we will send you an email confirmation with easy instructions.

Where do I meet my Port of Miami Shuttle or Port Everglades Shuttle when I arrive at the Airport?

You will meet your driver outside the baggage claim at the Airport. Once you place your order with us, we will send you an email confirmation with easy pick-up directions & instructions.

How Many stops will the shared shuttle make ?

The average amount of stops within a route tipically consists of two to three stops. Stops are likely to be in quick succession.

Usually the shuttle that take passengers to the Port of Miami, pick passengers at the Airport first and maybe a few hotels nearby

Number of stops also vary upon time of the day, time of the year, and the number of passengers going to or from your area

What happens if my flight gets delayed?

We track all the flights and we will switch you to the next shuttle available as long as you are arriving between 9:00 AM to 2:10 PM.

What if my hotel is not listed or it’s more than 3 miles from the FLL Airport ?

If You're Going to the Port of Miami:
You can go to the FLL Airport to take our Port of Miami shuttle from there.

If You're Returning from the Port of Miami:
Take our shuttle and we'll drop you off at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, where you can take a taxi to your hotel—or call the hotel to check if they have a free shuttle from FLL Airport to the hotel.

We may be able to pick you up if your hotel is out of the 3-mile range. Please call our office during business hours to check pricing and availability. Additional charges may apply IF service is available.

All directions will be located in your email confirmation. It's your responsibility to make sure you receive a copy of your email confirmation.

Travel Time:
FLL Airport - Port of Miami : 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.
FLL Airport - Port Everglades : 15 to 25 minutes
MIA Airport - Port of Miami: 20 to 30 minutes

Where and how do I meet the shuttle at the FLL Airport ?

You will receive a final email confirmation containing your Pickup Location at the FLL Airport. Please have your cellphone ON at the time of the pickup just in case the driver has difficulty finding you.
You need to be at the designated pick up area—look for a white vehicle with the name of our company: QLS Transportation.

STOP 1: Between Terminal # 1 & 2
Outside the baggage claim, you need to turn RIGHT ( facing the street ) and go to the designated pick-up area for COMMERCIAL vehicle Only- located at the end of the terminal 1, between terminal # 1 and 2.
From Terminal # 2, passengers arriving on DELTA, AIR CANADA: Outside the baggage claim area, you need to turn LEFT ( facing the street ) and go to the designated pick-up area for COMMERCIAL vehicle Only- located between terminal # 1 and 2.

STOP 3: Between Terminal # 3 & 4
From Terminal # 3, passengers arriving on AMERICAN, CANJET, SUNWING, US AIRWAYS, JET BLUE & BAHAMAS AIR: Outside the baggage claim area, you need to turn RIGHT ( facing the street ) and go to the designated pick-up area for COMMERCIAL vehicle Only- located at the end of the terminal 3, between terminal # 3 and 4.

From Terminal # 4, passengers arriving on SPIRIT, WESTJET, SUN AIR AND ALL INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Outside the baggage claim area, you need to turn LEFT ( facing the street ) and go to the designated pick-up area for COMMERCIAL vehicle Only- located between terminal # 3 and 4.

FOR those passengers that are not arriving on any flight, please meet the shuttle at STOP 1.

ALL OF OUR SHUTTLES are WHITE and have the name & logo of our company written on it:
** It's your responsibility to make sure you are in a shuttle from our company **

Where will the shuttle drop me off at the Pier?

The shuttle will drop you off directly at your cruise line. The driver will have a trip sheet with the passenger’s name and the cruise line information.

Where will I catch the shuttle at the Port of Miami?

Pickup location is outside the cruise ship. Every terminal has a designated passenger pickup & drop off area. You will see all the vans picking passengers from that area.

How will I recognize my shuttle at the Port of Miami?

We will contact you about 1 hour prior to your scheduled shuttle, just to confirm you will make it. You need to call us back as soon as you clear customs so we can send the shuttle driver to look for you at the designated pickup area. We will let you know the driver’s name and the vehicle’s #.

What happens if I can't get off the ship on time ?

If you miss your scheduled shuttle, please call our office to let us know. You have to wait for the next shuttle with seats available.

What time should I schedule my shuttle from the Port? I don't know what time I will be off the ship!

Most cruises start letting passengers off the ship between 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM, but you still need to get your luggage and pass customs & immigration. If you have an early flight and want to take the 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM Shuttle, you must carry your own luggage off the ship. They always let the passengers with their own luggage disembark first. Otherwise it's too hard to know exactly what time you will be off; it might be any time from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM